touchwin, touchline, untouchwin, wtouchln, is_linetouched,
       is_wintouched - curses refresh control routines


       #include <curses.h>
       int touchwin(WINDOW *win);
       int touchline(WINDOW *win, int start, int count);
       int untouchwin(WINDOW *win);
       int wtouchln(WINDOW *win, int y, int n, int changed);
       bool is_linetouched(WINDOW *win, int line);
       bool is_wintouched(WINDOW *win);


       The touchwin and touchline routines throw away  all  opti-
       mization  information about which parts of the window have
       been touched, by pretending that  the  entire  window  has
       been  drawn  on.   This  is sometimes necessary when using
       overlapping windows, since a change to one window  affects
       the other window, but the records of which lines have been
       changed in the other window do  not  reflect  the  change.
       The  routine touchline only pretends that count lines have
       been changed, beginning with line start.

       The untouchwin routine marks all lines in  the  window  as
       unchanged since the last call to wrefresh.

       The wtouchln routine makes n lines in the window, starting
       at line y, look as if they have (changed=1)  or  have  not
       (changed=0)  been changed since the last call to wrefresh.

       The is_linetouched and is_wintouched routines return  TRUE
       if  the  specified line/window was modified since the last
       call to wrefresh; otherwise they return FALSE.   In  addi-
       tion,  is_linetouched returns ERR if line is not valid for
       the given window.


       All routines return the integer ERR upon  failure  and  an
       integer  value  other than ERR upon successful completion,
       unless otherwise noted in the preceding  routine  descrip-


       The  XSI  Curses  standard,  Issue 4 describes these func-

       Some historic curses implementations had,  as  an  undocu-
       mented  feature,  the  ability  to  do  the  equivalent of
       clearok(..., 1) by saying touchwin(stdscr)  or  clear(std-
       scr).  This will not work under ncurses.


       Note that all routines except wtouchln may be macros.


       curses(3x), curs_refresh(3x).

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